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When a new year rolls around, it can feel like everyone is pushing health and fitness goals on us from detox teas to new workout routines. We think it’s time to change that and shift the focus. When making your new year’s resolutions this year, try to switch the focus to self-love and body acceptance related goals. As we wade through the different stages of motherhood, our bodies will unavoidably change and it’s crucial to learn to show ourselves love through it all.


below you will find 8 resolutions all about body acceptance from one of our extraordinary Rookie mommy Squad mamas.

1. Diversify Social Media

The media we consume matters. It sends subliminal messages to our self-worth.Now is the time to clean up your social media feed. Unfollow accounts that make you feel bad about your body. DO follow accounts that inspire you!Your feed must include women of all different body types.

2. find happiness IN FOOD

This is the year you find peace with your food. No a lot more shame or guilt attached to what you eat. gentle nutrition that aligns with an intuitive eating approach.Here’s the thing, 95% of diets fail and diets tend to be the gateway to developing an eating disorder or disordered eating.Begin understanding intuitive eating with the 10 principles of intuitive eating.

3. find movement YOU LOVE

It’s time to make our daily movement about loving our body and not striving for “results” or appearance-based accolades. The goal must be mindfulness, by being present in your body. practice movement that sparks joy.Begin by learning how to listen to your body by your internal cues. how long do you want to move? What intensity do you enjoy?Remember the goal is not to manage or lose weight. It’s to honor your body where it’s at.

4. practice daily GRATITUDE

Practicing daily gratitude strengthens our attention towards positive thinking. start a daily gratitude journal.“Studies show that the people who kept a gratitude journal exercised a lot more regularly, reported fewer physical health problem symptoms, felt better about their lives as a whole, and were a lot more optimistic. It also showed that people who kept the journal were a lot more likely to make progress towards their goals”. -lifehack.org

5. try A new style TREND

It’s time to stop hiding behind your wardrobe. stepping out of our comfort zone can be the best way to start embracing the body we have NOW.It’s crucial to remember to dress to impress yourself and not other people. If there is something you’ve been dying to try like a bold red lip, a cool rancher hat, or sexy body-con dress, now is the time to choose IT!Getting creative with your wardrobe helps you find YOUR style. When we feel inspired by our closet, we can show up a lot more confidently.

6. stop BODY checking and COMPARING

There is nothing good that comes from body checking and comparing. It’s time to start actively choosing NOT to engage in these habits. Both body checking and comparing suggest a dissatisfaction with your body which is nearly always inaccurate and self-harming.It’s time to get to the root of the issue.Consider – talking to a therapist, finding alternative coping methods to your body anxiety, figuring out your triggers, finding support.


It’s time to let go of clothes that don’t serve you.Our bodies are indicated to ebb and flow. despite what diet culture has taught you to believe, it’s perfectly healthy to have your weight fluctuate. Holding on to clothes that don’t fit “hoping they will someday fit again” suggests you’ll only be delighted once your body fits into that size again.We have to start getting clothes that fit us now. Our lives are happening ideal now. Not in our “old body” or “could be someday body”.Donate, swap, or sell what doesn’t fit you and get something great for yourself.

8. give yourself daily COMPLIMENTS

When is the last time you gave yourself a compliment? A genuine, loving, and well-deserved compliment.Everything starts with our attitude. It’s pretty simple, we cannot love our body if we don’t show it love.It may feel awkward to start, but fake it til you make it girl. practice daily positive affirmations. say them out loud, write them on a mirror, keep them as the lock screen on your phone. Make an effort to say 3 great things to yourself daily.

My best recommendations is to speak to yourself the way you would speak to your best friend.

Happy new Years FriendsXx, Shelby

Below is a checklist for your top 8 BODY ACCEPTANCE RESOLUTIONS FOR THE new YEAR. Take a screenshot here and share it on your IG stories. Don’t forget to identify me, @shelbysaywhatblog!

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